Pregnancy Complications & Filing A FMLA Lawsuit Against An Employer

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It is common for pregnant women to take some time off from work when it is close to their due date and not come back for weeks or months after giving birth. If your employer has put your pregnancy in danger or discriminated against you after requesting time off for your pregnancy, you may be able to file a lawsuit based on your FMLA rights being violated. Under the FMLA laws, you have the right to request time off from work when it is related to pregnancy complications or if it is simply close to the time that you go into labor. If you believe that your employer is unfair about not letting you take time off, get a lawyer to find out if they can get justice on your behalf based on the FMLA laws.

Being Threatened with Termination

If you are covered under the FMLA laws, being threatened with termination after requesting time off from work for pregnancy needs is a violation of your rights. However, it is possible that your employer isn't in the wrong, which is why you need the help of a lawyer. A lawyer will ask you questions to determine if your employer is obligated to follow the FMLA laws or not, such as how many employees they have. Your health during the pregnancy and how far in advance you requested time off might also be discussed with the lawyer. They might also want to know details in regards to what was said when your employer threatened to terminate your job.

Pregnancy Complications Due to Job Stress

If you were forced to continue working after requesting time off to tend to your pregnancy needs, let your lawyer know if it led to you experiencing any complications. For example, did having to work lead to you experiencing unusual cramps or bleeding? A lawyer will need to know about your complications to note them down in an effort to build a strong argument and get you a justified amount of money in the lawsuit. You should also let them know if your employer still demanded that you work after becoming aware of the complications that you were experiencing. If you were fired after taking time off due to complications, it is possible that you can sue under the FMLA laws, even if you stopped working and ignored the demands of your employer.

For more information, contact a local FMLA lawyer.